Thanksgiving and the Cannabis Industry

2020 was without a doubt a year for the books. With the pandemic changing every aspect of normalcy, every business was impacted whether it was good or bad. During the 2020 Thanksgiving weekend, cannabis sales saw record highs.


Many users have expressed an increase in use of cannabis products during the pandemic to help with overall health including mental health. In 2020, total cannabis sales were around $238 million during the Thanksgiving weekend alone which was nearly 14 percent above 2019’s Thanksgiving numbers. The industry has not seen sales peak that high on any given Thanksgiving weekend, and cannabis sales continue to skyrocket.


Experts anticipate seeing sales hit new highs as Thanksgiving approaches this year.With controversial talk over the vaccine, increased pandemic anxiety, and overall health questions, many people are turning to cannabis for help. 


Since 2020, there have been major turns in the cannabis industry with new states opening their recreational markets as well as some states increasing their medical cannabis markets. Many more cannabis dispensaries have opened their doors, and we continue to see many more even in the past week. 


As people thaw their turkeys, spend time with family and dispensaries gear up for Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals, we are going to see a huge spike in the market over the next week. 


Ensure your dispensary is prepared to handle increased cash on hand, loss of inventory, cash flow management, returns, and taxes on all gross receipts. CBS and Co. can help with all of your dispensaries needs to ensure ease into this holiday season for your dispensary.